Monday, March 15, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

The past 2 wks have been crazy--flew to Vegas for a trial team competition (we won . . . yippy!), flew to NJ for a work trip and to see my bestie, spent a few days in MD with the Aussie. Now Spring Break is over (prob my last Spring Break ever), and I'm back into the grind. I had some amazing eats, but the most amazing experience was definitely at Everlasting Life in DC. It was mind blowing. I had the best vegan mac & cheese and fried tofu EVER!

This was the Aussie's feast--which included fake ham, fried chicken-free, and yams

Mine was just a blob of mac & no cheese with fried chicken-free (I will be dreaming of this for a long time)

Then we split a cinnamon roll and an unpictured raspberry smoothie w/ coconut milk and hemp milk

Everlasting Life is a place that non-vegans would love too. The food isn't too expensive, the service is fab, but they are under construction so we ate in a literal construction site . . . haha. I will definitely, DEFINITELY be going back.

Let's hope this week is quick & productive :)


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