Saturday, May 8, 2010

Awesome food, nature and company

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather. The Aussie and I spent the day hiking, which is always my favorite way to spend the day.

And yes I did slip once while skipping across the rocks. I blame the rock, not my clutzy nature. After the lovely hike we headed to try a new vegan place in Baltimore.
We shared a lightly sweetened lemonade.

And the Yabba Pot Combo with beans, two types of "meat" dishes, live kale salad, cabbage, squash, and rice. The Aussie liked it far more than I did.

The dessert was definitely my favorite. It was a peanut butter, brownie, and graham cracker combo. Heavenly! The Aussie was very lucky I shared.

Off to watch the Gamer,


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