Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Sales, oh how I love thee

The Aussie and I spent the day after Christmas in REI trying on backpacks. We ended up scoring a great deal, because they were over 60% off.

He has been scooping up other things in the past few days that we **needed** for the bags--a rain cover, a cover for airport travel. He is definitely the boy who needs all the toots & whistles. Speaking of toots & whistles, did you know that a car in the early 1940s-1950s had a slowcooker option. I kid you not. At least that's what I heard on the radio today. It's interesting what people feel they "need." Although, I wouldn't mind some stuffed peppers while I drove ;)

Things have been busy on this end with work. Basically 12 hours every day are reserved for working and driving to/from work. At least I've managed to keep up my sleeping hours. It isn't so bad sleeping during the day when the room is dark. On that note, I'm off to work!


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