Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shopping aka nesting

This week has been filled with shopping (and surprisingly not of the internet variety which has been my preggo go-to). I waddled my butt through Toys R Us and IKEA to score some solid baby finds.

Don't mind the 1980s lace - the plantation shutters are on their way (apparently). The lamp sets a really nice glow, and I'll put our new glider on the left. I really wanted the Mercedes of gliders (Hello, $1200 winged back glider. You will always have my heart), but my bank account bullied me into getting el'cheapo which has foresaken style for comfort (hmm ... I hope that isn't what motherhood brings because I have so very little style to begin with).

We pick-up the glider this Thursday.

The work week was filled with lunch dates and some tasty meals. I know I spend far too much money on lunches, but honestly I feel like I deserve it since I'm 36 weeks preggo and still working full-time. Granted, I didn't have this excuse a few months ago, but ummm I like eating out. Maybe maternity leave will bring kitchen adventures.

Some lunches this week:

A rice ball the size of my head and tons of salad.

My go-to Indian - mixed veggie curry, spicy lentil dahl, saffron rice and lots of coriander/cilantro chutney.
In other news, I found a new-to-me product.

You only need water and they clean windows and silverware! I haven't tried them yet, but I am hopeful that they will be awesome (fingers crossed). 

Off to hunt down some dinner,


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spring is in the air

This weekend should have been filled with lots of painting by the Hubs, but instead we did some vegging. Even when you have a ton of things you *should* be doing, sometimes the best thing you can do is simply enjoy the company of someone you love. Plus it meant I wasn't trapped in the guestroom while he painted!

We decided to celebrate some lovely spring weather that we're having with an impromptu BBQ.

I absolutely love fried onion on burgers (ours were a new-to-us veggie burger called Fry's Family).

I died from cuteness while doing baby laundry today.

You can't tell from the picture, but baby clothes are small - really, really small. It's hard to imagine anyone fitting into them. I actually have a fear that are tub-o-baby will have a booty that is too big for the super cute, but ridiculously small, clothes his Aunt picked out for him.

We can also now see both our dining room table and the floor in the back living room since we did a big clean. With all the painting, door removing, and general laziness going on it was starting to get very cluttered. I eventually got to a point where I couldn't handle it.

We (really just the Hubs) put together the bassinet and the changing table, which made the nursery look more like a nursery. We also took the baby's ride for a spin.

I rounded off the weekend with a walk, movie and a nap, and I'm about to make us some roasted veggies for dinner.

All-in-all it was a perfectly relaxing weekend, and at almost 36 weeks pregnant "relaxing" exactly what you need.

Off to start dinner,


Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 35

We're getting *so* close, but we're still so far away. At least that's how this preggo wife feels. We're 35 days away from d-day, but with my luck (and the high statistically likelihood) this baby boy will probably celebrate his due date right where he is. Don't get me wrong, I want him to be fully baked, and it's really for his own good that I hope he doesn't over bake. It has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to sleep on my stomach. **sheepish grin**

The belly is a focal point these days, and I can never seem to remember just how big it is and often have difficulty with doors and sharp corners. 

Weight gained:35 pounds (say what?!?!) I swear I'm not eating 24/7.
Workouts:hoping to make my last bodypump class tomorrow. I did buy weights to continue to do something over the next few weeks and for after the baby popping
Labor Signs: none
Symptoms: swollen doesn't even begin to describe it - my wrists, my feet, my ankles, my calves, my knees. My hands are so bad that I'm starting to get carpal tunnel and couldn't even scoop melon the other day!
Movement: plenty. I am trying to capture some of it on camera but he's a sneaky little devil
Food Aversions: nothing really
Food Cravings: none, but I did die a little when I found (okay, the Aussie found) veggie breakfast sausage.
Sleep: not too bad, but it involves lots of flipping, multiple times of waking up to numb fingers, and plenty of bathroom breaks. in other words, soooo relaxing. the hubs loves it (not)
Stretch marks? none yet (shocking considering the size of the beasty belly)
Miss Anything? sleeping on my stomach, a cold cider and having my body back to myself
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: our living room is finally back in order after the painting.
Belly Button in or out? flat - with a high probability of poppage
Wedding rings on or off? been off for a long time but still very happily married
Happy or moody most of the time: happy, so stinkin' happy
New Baby Items: changing table, bath tub, rubber ducky, carry cot and other random things