Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November - our month

It's been 7 wonderful years since I walked into a bar and met the man who would fill my life with an ungodly amount of happiness - the man who could soothe my soul by simply placing his hand on top of mine.

 Love cannot begin to capture what we have.

It's been 5 years since I walked into a hotel room filled with flowers and said "yes" to the man I knew I'd marry from our first kiss. 

It's been 3 wonderful years since I walked down the aisle and we sealed forever with a kiss.

And it's been 3 crazy, surreal weeks since we brought home our son.

People say relationships are hard work and require compromise, but that simply isn't the case for all couples. Some people find their perfect match, and with that comes an ease and comfort that is unimaginable. I feel so blessed to have your love in my life

November will always be our month - the month I met you, the month we got engaged, and the month we got married.  


Off to enjoy take-out Indian and a crying baby (that's how we do anniversaries these days),


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