Sunday, March 16, 2014

Living the Life of a Single Parent

For the past week I've been living the life of a single parent while the Hubs recovers in the hospital from surgery to fix his collapsed lung. We're hoping he'll be out in the next few days. Honestly, it hasn't been too bad. Hudson is a great baby who barely ever cries (at least so far! I'm sure he'll give me plenty of grief as a teenager to make up for it). At the moment he's snoozing in his swing, looking absolutely adorable sucking his thumb.

Our days have consisted of:

- waking up between 4-7am for a feed
- waking up to start the day around 9am
- having breakfast
- going into town (Mama needs her iced coffee and Hudson loves pram rides)
- wash (lots of wash)
- nappy changes (a lot, especially now that we're cloth diapering)
- tummy time and playing with toys
- reading books
- plenty of feedings
- bath time (Hudson is loving bath time now)
- eating dinner at 8:30 when the little one is finally asleep.

It's not a great deal different from our normal days, but I am definitely missing the adult talk. I could use many great adjectives to describe Hudson, but great conversationalist would not be one of them.

I have started another Coursera class - Confronting the Big Questions - Highlights of Modern Astronomy. It's incredibly interesting. I didn't realise that the first exoplanet (a planet outside our solar system) was only discovered in 1995! It's an exciting time to be alive (from an astronomy/astrophysics perspective). The course does a great job of taking complex ideas and breaking them into easy to follow discussions.

Picture dump time . . .

 Hudson almost always looks incredibly bored when he's riding in the pram, but he's so excited when I first put him into it. I like to think that he's just a deep thinker who spends his time outdoors pondering life's biggest questions (or at least thinking about what toy he wants to eat next).

 This picture does not convey how steep the hill was! Pushing a pram and a chunky baby is a good workout.

As you can see, there have been some ups and downs. Luckily, Hudson's breakdowns usually last about .2 seconds.

Off to enjoy the rest of Hudson's nap time (aka watch vlogs),


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