Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hudson - Eight months

His stats:

Weight - 18.8 pounds

Height - 73.5 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He loves to play with his box of toys. It's so cute to see him dig in the box for different toys and then examine them.

He also loves airplane rides by Dad.

He dislikes sleeping (apparently). The little stinker has become a terrible sleeper. He's getting up 3-4 times per night which makes for grouchy parents (the Hubs may have even commented that he didn't like nighttime Babs. In his defense, she is pretty cranky).

His adventures:

He started to crawl! Well, more like drag himself across the floor with one arm, but still impressive.

He'll crawl for wipes. We did buy him baby toys, I promise.

He's such a happy baby!

He has plenty of walks.

New changes this month:

He's starting to sit really well and for long periods of time.
Thoughts on the month:    

It was a tough month (hence the super late post). Hudson was sick for almost all of it, which I think is the reason for the weightloss. My maternal nurse and doctor were not overly worried, but I freaked out a bit. Hopefully now that he's feeling better (and eating more solids), he'll put on the pounds and he my chunky little man again.  

I also had two big projects explode at the same time at work, which meant long hours. The Hubs gave notice at his job, so he was busy finishing up last minute things. It was just a crazy, crazy month!

This post is short, because 9 months is next week!

 Off to clean,