Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hudson - 20 months

His stats:

Weight - 27.4 pounds
Height - 82.6 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He dislikes baths (until he's in them), and not getting what he wants the moment he want it.

He likes eating frozen peas, laughing deep belly laughs, cuddles & kisses, being outside, and eating a ton of food (we hear "mo, mo" a lot).

His adventures:

He's a ball of energy who loves the park, walks, and a babycino at the local café (ok, maybe mom is the one who likes the café).

He seems to love daycare, which make us happy because this mama enjoys working. They do a ton of crafting, and he now requests to draw at home. We got him a table and chairs for eating his breakfast and drawing.

Thoughts on the last few months:

He's still a huge cuddle bug and has started asking for "cuddles". He melts my heart. We are officially off the boob! I stopped completely two weeks ago. He's still asking for it, but is not upset when I say there is no more. I weaned slowly - first cutting his morning feed, then stopping the work pumping, and finally stopping completely.

We are also over-the-moon with our new sleeping routine for the past three weeks when we tried controlled timed crying (different from controlled crying). The Hubs was staying in his room until he fell asleep (usually in there for 30mins or so, sometimes longer when the Hubs fell asleep too!). And Hudson was waking several nights a week usually somewhere between 2-4am. Then we decided to give the controlled timed crying a go - you put the baby to bed and then go back in at the 2min, 4min, 8min, and 16min marks to let him know you're still there. The first two nights Hudson cried at the 2min, pooped for the 4min, then we changed him and started again and he cried at the 2 min and was asleep by the 4min. After two nights, he went down with no crying and no waking!!!!!! I don't want to jinx it, but it's incredible. I would definitely recommend it for parents who want their evenings and sleep back. I think it worked so well because Hudson is older. I, personally, wouldn't do sleep training for babies under 1.

 And no post is complete without photos . . .

A little comparison - me circa 1984 & 2015 and Hudson circa 2015.

I love these two . . .

I'm glad Hudson is already showing an affinity for all things space related - the moon, stars, and space puzzles.

Little Toms kill me with cuteness overload!

Off to enjoy the last few minutes of nap time,


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hudson - Fifteen months

His stats:

Weight - 24 pounds
Height - 82 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He has a strange affinity for plastic bottles, and likes to hold one when we drive (I swear we buy the kid toys).

He's still obsessed with balls, and we recently got him a world ball because you're never too early to learn all the countries!

He loves reading, and we created a little reading nook in his playroom (i.e. the back living room). 

He dislikes baths/showers now, and we're not sure why. He screams when we put him in a bath, but then eventually starts to enjoy it.

We bought him a bunny that I thought would be a security blanket type of thing, but we've realised that for him his security is pulling/playing with his hair. I would hate to see his face if he cut his hair.
His adventures:

One day shy of 14 months, he took his first steps! The Hubs and I were both there, and it was so exciting. In the last month he's really started cruising, but there are still lots of tumbles.

To celebrate the Hubs' birthday, we all took a trip to Tasmania, and Hudson experienced flying for the first time. He was surprisingly good, both in flight and during the trip. He loved running around the cottage and hotel we stayed at.

Beginning in January he started to go to daycare 3 days per week, and he seems to enjoy it. He switched rooms so he's no longer eating in a highchair or sleeping in a crib. He's growing up too fast!

Thoughts on the last few months:

He's officially into toddlerland, and it is amazing to see him figure out things. I love when he climbs into my lap and snuggles though, and luckily he does that pretty much every day. We're still cloth diapering, but the diapers were having some issues which may have been from extra detergent on them so I washed them several times. We're also still breastfeeding, and I'm not sure when I'll start weaning. I'm still pumping at work and he gets two 200ml bottles for daycare days and feeds on demand at home. He's a really good eater, and loves his fruits, veggies and oatmeal. He starting to feed himself more, which is messy but fun.

And no post is complete without photos . . .

These moments are so precious and I am trying so hard to soak up each and every one of them!

Off to entertain the lil man,