Friday, November 21, 2014

Hudson's First Birthday Party - Dr Seuss

On Saturday 8 November 2014, we celebrated Hudson's first birthday (yes, it was late but he didn't know. We were waiting for American Grandma to arrive). The day was sunny and hot, and the food was plentiful. Hudson decided that he was not a fan of party prep and as the Hubs and I ran around frantically getting everything set up, he followed us crying all the way. The Hubs mowed the lawn. Hudson stared out the window and cried (he loves pushing the mower pretending to mow, so I think he was distraught seeing dad do it without him).We felt so bad for him but there was so much to do!

We invited over all his friends from mothers' group along with family and friends. There were about 25 adults and 10 kids.

The some of the food we had included:

* fruit bowl
* hot spinach and artichoke dip w. turkish bread
* bruschetta
* white chocolate fountain with strawberries
* rice krispy treats
* chocolate truffles
* fabulous birthday cake

The cake was not made by us (as you can tell, because it's beautiful). It was an incredibly moist orange cake.

We did a ton of crafting for the party (many hours to be exact). My favourite was the monthly banner. 

We set up a little candy station for our "thank you for coming" treat

 We also had a birthday wishes station, where people could leave Hudson a birthday message.

The chocolate fountain was a fun little something special. It looked prettier after the sliced strawberries were put out, but I didn't snap a picture.

I helped a bit with blowing out the candle, but Hudson managed to inhale the cake himself (especially going after the frosting)

We set out a ball pit and tent with toys for the babies to explore. And the adults cracked open beers and sparkling wine. It was a perfect day. Hudson had a ton of fun, and it was so nice to have everyone over. I'm already starting to think about his 2nd birthday (I kid, well kinda).

Off to be productive,


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hudson - Twelve months

His stats:

Weight - 22.5 pounds

 Height - 78.5cm

His likes/dislikes:

We bought him a ball pit, which he loves!! He can crawl in and out, and enjoys handing you balls.

He still loves the cat (I, however, still dislike cats although I do feed it on occasion which probably sends it mixed messages).

He is obsessed with his dad. To an incredible level.


His adventures:

He had his first vacation without us (i.e. we had a vacation and he stayed with his Auntie). And as soon as we got back he wanted dad. I went to give him a cuddle when dad was holding him and he cried to go back to dad.

Our vacation: 

Hudson's vacation:

Thoughts on the month: 

We needed a vacation so bad. It's tough to go from a couple to parents, and I think taking time out to be a couple is really important. It's hard to do in the beginning, but I thought doing something around 1 was manageable. I would recommend that all soon-to-be parents plan a vacation for around 1. But it was hard to leave Hudson, and I couldn't imagine doing it if he didn't have such an incredible Aunt who is so loving and kind.

Hudson - Eleven months

His stats:

Weight - 22 pounds
Height - 77 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He learned to pull himself up to a standing position, so that is a favourite activity now. He also loves to point (especially at plants/trees). He has a very, very strong fascination with hair that results in him pulling his own and any other hair within reach. Dad takes him for "walks" around the house (i.e. holds his hands while Hudson struts around.

He loves the cat that comes around our house. He hates his jumperoo now. His favourite toy is probably the cheapest one - a huge pink ball that mom *may* have wanted for herself (who doesn't love balls?).

His adventures:

As you can see Hudson got his first black eye this month (hopefully his last too).

He enjoyed some park time which means lots of smiles while swinging.

And we went to the first mothers' group birthday (Hudson's the youngest in our group).

Thoughts on the month: 

 This month we enjoyed a date night (thanks to Hudson's Auntie). We also celebrated our first father's day. Hudson gave dad a frame with his footprint in it and some sweets. It is not easy getting a footprint from a baby and it is even harder for a hand (which is why the frame only included a foot.

And some pictures from the month: