Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mixer Makes Me Happy

Sorry for being MIA this past week. It's hard to fit in work, gym, and blogging. Plus, most weeknights are pretty boring so not too much to write about.

This week I did find an awesome place near work to get my Greek fix (falafal wrap, I love you!)

I *may* have gone here twice this past week. Shame on me! Especially because I had leftovers to eat. I also got caught snapping pictures :(

I tried to snap some pictures of the food place from the alley before I entered. He turned after the flash :(

The guy definitely asked if I was snapping pictures of him. I did an ackward laugh.

The weekend has been going well. We woke-up for a 9am Bodypump session that left my arms feeling like noodles and my chest in pain :) The Aussie prepared the amazing peanut butter protein milkshake for us.

The Aussie has lots of work to do, so he did some.

I *may* have had a shower and nap. OH HOW GLORIOUS! No pictures, but imagine a fluffy pillow and lots of blankets :)

After the nap the Aussie broke-in the new mixer to make chocolate chip cookies

Peeeeerfect, pretty bottoms . . .

Off to veg,


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Green Smoothie get in my Beeeeeeeeeelly

It's been a work-filled two days with lots of important things (okay, mainly photocopying . . . hehe). Gym slacking is still going on in our home :( The "system" isn't working too well. We'll see how I go tomorrow. I struck out on Wed, the Aussie failed today, but who knows what tomorrow holds ;)

I didn't blog yesterday nor did I smoothie-it-up, but today I'm doing both.

The Aussie enjoyed his . . .

After brekky I did something very American.

I got a venti (which was much smaller) iced black tea (which they called iced english breakfast), and I have to say I miss American Starbucks :( I didn't take a picture of the drink (bad blogger) but at least I did take a picture of the building ;)

The city was looking lovely today.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and in Australia we celebrate the Queen's bday, so we're off Monday. Woot, Woot! Let's hope tomorrow's work day goes by quick, because the night will be spent with beer and friends :)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brown Rice On All Sides

I wanted to get up this morning but **enter lameass excuse** Actually I have no excuse. I was lazy and I own my laziness. The Aussie has come up with a foolproof (well, perhaps not completely foolproof) plan; it assigns "responsibility" to one person each morning for getting the both of us up. I'm taking tomorrow :) My muscles need a cry, so I'll be getting up for Bodypump.

In good morning news, the amazing green master brought us another tasty creation--tons of rainbow chard, a lemon, two apples and orange juice into the blender.

Morning Aussie . . .

I also took a picture of morning Babs, but you're not ready for that picture yet (in fact, I don't think the Aussie is ready for that picture yet either . . . hehe).

At work we had morning tea, which meant I tossed a ton of pineapple and grapes into my belly :) along with a tasty tea. No pictures, because it would have been akcward ;)

I did, however, snap a picture of my lunch. I had to do it very discretely, which is difficult with an open-plan office.

Yep, I hunted down brown rice sushi. It was worth the hunt!

Brown rice made a dinner appearance too ;) Grains are good for you.

If you guessed it was Vegout, you would be correct. We are obsessed.

I washed it all down with a pressie from the father-in-law, who knows me so well.

Fancy cider . . . woot, woot. Although it isn't as good as the beloved mixed berry flavor.

Time to cuddle up with the heater or the Aussie, whichever is providing more warmth!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Another day, Another dollar

Day 2 at the job-e-o. Sadly, Mr. Lazy and I skipped the gym for snoozing, but we'll get there tomorrow. To make-up for our lackluster gyming the Aussie made a lean-mean-green-machine. Boy, was it green. He shoved a heap of spinach from the garden, 2 apples, and 2 kiwis into the blender, and out came . . .

For lunch I packed up a huge container of lettuce, an avocado, some hummus, and lots of watermelon chunks. I would have taken a picture, but I didn't want my co-workers to give strange looks. I did get a few comments about how healthy and delicious it looked though ;)

Health took a backseat at dinner, because we couldn't be bothered to cook. Enter leftover bread and dips . . .

I also *may* have dragged the Aussie out into the cold for a candy run **muahhaha**

Now it's time for make-up washing off and reading :) I hope you're all having a fabulously lazy evening like I am :)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green Overload

Going up to see the in-laws is always a fun experience. The Aussie has the sweetest, best family ever. When we arrived we chatted and then checked out the garden.

Lots of greens springing up! It was very exciting to see how much they had grown.

After the garden tour we headed in the father-in-law's new truck to a lake.

We had to do a bit of scrambling down the rock, which was a bit difficult in my Toms ;) When we got home we tried several types of cider--Cinnamon & Vanilla, Strawberry, and our beloved Mixed Berry. With the cider, we chowed on Turkish bread and dips. Then the Aussie's fabulous mother prepared a delicious veg meal--pumpkin soup, roasted veggies, garlic broccolini, and mashed cauliflower. I had to roll into the living room after to watch AFL (eww!).

Today we chopped some wood and read. All-in-all a lovely weekend. And look what we came home with . . .

Since we got home a bit later than expected we relied on Vegout for dinner.

Panang curry, brown rice, and garlic roti.

Time for shower & book reading (The Girl Who Chased the Moon),


Friday, June 3, 2011

Pump it Out with Cups of Glory

Last week I managed to make it to Bodypump 3 times, and was very proud of the effort. However, it messed up my routine because I went Sunday so couldn't go Monday. This week I went Wednesday and snoozed through Friday, so today I had the pleasure of dragging a sleepy Aussie out of bed to pump it out. I was definitely glad I made it, but a girl did seem to forget a little something called personal space. Seriously, I felt like I was squating right into her lap.

Pre-pump I whipped up a mud smoothie. Anytime raspberries and greens make smoothie love the result is one ugly but tasty baby. This one has rainbow chard from the Victoria Market, spinach, raspberries, and orange juice.

Post-pump the Aussie took blender duty. He made a healthy pb milkshake

It tastes like heaven :) So in love. Too bad bananas are a treat over here. Today we're heading to the in-laws, which is about 90 mins away. I'll be driving on the highway for the first time over here . . . ahhhh (that's what the Aussie is going to be screaming as I cruise down the road).

See ya tomorrow,


First Day Done

I was very happy to hop into my mode of transportation this morning.

Hello Green-Lovely . . .

Hmm . . . you cost 7 dollars a day, really? I probably wont get a seat (ever)? I will have to fight for my arm space? I will have to hold a bar that I can barely reach? Well, you're not that lovely, not at all. Tram transportation is not ideal! But in a one-car house you don't have a lot of options. It's 8.6ks away, which may be a bit much to walk . . . in dress clothes and dress shoes.

I left early today to ensure I wasn't late. You cannot be late on your first day (or really ever).

A bit early for the 9am start. I *may* have walked up the block and down and back up and took a picture of my building ;) I was hoping no coworkers were nearby.

Finally it was a respectful time to enter (early but not overly early).

After working hard for my crust (apparently Aussies say "you earn a crust" or at least my Aussie does), I went for lunch. I work right around the corner from Lord of the Fries. Yes, THE Lord of the Fries that I have talked about multiple times. Yet, I chose sushi. I bet you thought I was going down the burger route, didn't you? I definitely thought about it, but figured I didn't need a burger for dinner and then lunch.

After a hard day at the office, I had a tennis date with the Aussie. He *may* have kicked my butt. Now it's time for movie watching and cuddling. Tomorrow we're off to the in-laws :)


Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Good Day

The day started with a trip to Victoria's Market. A huge market with tons of fresh veggies. I scored some good loot :)

Then I decided to use this recipe to make some healthy breakfast bars with some added Sunwarrior protein :)

No flour, all-goodness. Hopefully the Aussie loves them.

After the breakfast bar baking, I got the phone call I had been waiting for . . . a call for a J-O-B :) I start bright and early tomorrow!

This called for a celebration . . . woot, woot. The Aussie and I opted to test another veg-friendly burger, Grilled, place to compare it to our beloved Lord of the Fries. Grilled lost.

I made a mushroom burger, and it was tasty but didn't compare to the Lord of the Fries. Plus it was much more expensive. Lose-Lose. But you live and learn ;) Lord of the Fries, sorry I ever cheated on you!

Better get to bed so I can pump it out in the am (my muscles will be crying, definitely crying)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will Walk for Bagels

I walked into a bakery not long ago and asked if they had any bagels. The lady looked dumbfounded and said "baaaaaaagels" as if slowly saying it would help her understand, and then swiftly replied no. It was then that I would realize bagels were hard to come by.

Granted I haven't spend a ton of time checking everywhere for them, but I have kept my eyes peeled. Enter Glick's. It's a Jewish bakery about 2.5ks from my house, and I heard through the grapevine that they made incredible bagels. Very interesting.

I begged the Aussie to take me before we went camping a few weekends ago, but, much to our horror, they were closed on Saturday. Seriously? Surely Saturday is a huge bagel selling day, so I can only imagine it was closed for religious reasons. Well, this Sunday I finally had a chance to taste one of the glorious bagels, and, indeed, it was earth-shattering (I hadn't had a bagel in many months).

Today I wanted, no needed, a bagel. I walked 5ks for it :) It was worth every step. Especially because I now have a few in my freezer . . . muahahaha

In other news, I may actually not be an oatmeal lover, even with apple muffin topping :(

Today my bowl went from this . . .

To this . . .

Hmm. . . I may have to ease my way into oat loving.

Other eats included leftover soup.

And two undocumented bagel sandwiches ;)

Does anyone keep a journal? I've started to track what I need to do daily, what I eat, and what sweating I did. I think it's a good way to make sure you stay on track with your goals :)

Mine is pretty . . .

As for the sweating today, I slept in so it was a late session of bodypump, but geez did it tucker me out. I think I still felt weak from Sunday (whaaaaaaaat!) I pushed through though and felt better for it. I love seeing all the in shape people, it helps motivate me.

Off to do the dishes,