Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy Bee

After a 6 hr marathon meeting (which resulted in missing lunch & dinner), I finally got home :( I will be a happy camper in 4 mons when my law school career (& bar prep) is finally D-O-N-E.

The only highlight was coming home to one of these suckers for my 8:45 lunch/dinner . . .

Recipe from the lovely blogger at Peas & Carrots . . .

My new fav site. These eggplant burgers were delish. We changed the recipe a bit--added spinach and did a few other things I can't remember b/c it's too late.

I may or may not have washed the burger down with Laura's Wholesome Junkfood (i.e. choc chip cookie heaven) :)

Off to bed,


Monday, March 29, 2010

Party at Night, Pay the Next Day

I don't drink very often or very much, but I have always gone a *tad* crazy when the alcohol was FREE. The law school event on Saturday had a free open bar, and before I knew it I had drank my weight in martinis! Needless to say the Aussie proved his love for me :)
I had some of this . . .

And some of that . . .

Prior to heading out on Saturday, the Aussie and I did a little photo shoot. I think I FINALLY have a picture for our save-the-dates (if we ever get around to ordering them . . . ahem this is directed at a certain nameless fiance)

Off to bed,


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello Hemp Seeds, Welcome to my Life

I made an amazing salad today for the Aussie and I, which included mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, avocado, hemp seeds, and crushed mary's gone crackers. The last two ingredients really made an amazing feast. I adore hemp seeds! I don't know why I waited so long to try them.

The Aussie commented that a few years back he wouldn't have tried a salad with just cucumber & tomato, and now he's enjoying all these new things :) It really is about testing new things. Speaking of which, I finally got my cookies I ordered TWO MONTHS ago!

The cookies had a great texture for being a raw cookie, but a tad too much lemon flavor. I'll still eat them, but I definitely won't reorder from that company.

I also managed to convince the Aussie to crack a coconut for me. I believe he did it so he could steal half the water, but I still appreciated the effort.

I made some fake chicken salad, but realized I only had a touch of veganaise left, so I'll have to add some more to it tomorrow

Tonight we're off to a Journal event through law school--basically free martinis all night! I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures


Friday, March 26, 2010

Trying New Things

I love trying new things--especially adventure activities (I've tried hang gliding, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, climbing, fencing, and so on) and food (in the past 3ish years I've tried Thai, Indian, Ethopian, Ghanaian and tons of new vegan dishes from recipe books). Since giving up the liquid crack (aka Soda) I have been trying new drinks, such as: Izze, Kombucha, Hemp Milk. Enter my new love at the moment . . .

For those of you who have never entered into Teavana, you simply must find one! These cute little stores are filled with adorable tea sets, but more importantly amazing teas. They have 4-6 different teas for you to sample on any given day. I took the Aussie there and we shared a cup of wild blossom and orange orchid tea after sampling it. WOW! We spent the rest of the night sniffing the empty cup because it smelled so good. Needless to say I ran back the next day to purchase a container. I'll be the first to admit that the prices are high, but so is the quality :) I refrain from drinking it everyday, so it lasts longer.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cannot Manage to be Productive

I have been trying to write this darn paper, but have spent much more time blog reading (so addictive!). Before the Aussie left last weekend I made him his first ever fruit smoothie with hemp milk. He's had plenty of green smoothies, but never just a fruit one (to my knowledge). It was lovely & tasted great too.

Today I'm gulping on a typical green smoothie--spinach, cucumber, mango, & orange. I dont drink enough of these. Eventually, I'd like to have 1-2 daily.

I also made some of these . . .

Definitely my best patch, because they are so moist. I have two left (I inhaled 4 of these suckers), so hopefully the Aussie will get to try them tomorrow (no promises).

I also spent an hr waiting in line for a free veggie burrito from Chiptotle (love, love, love them), because they just opened here :) It included a free drink (I would have loved some poison--err soda, but I stayed strong. I'm 3mons clean. I decided on my go-to unsweetened tea).

Ok, now I must be semi-productive for the reminder of the night.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Manic Monday

This week is filled with plenty of law related non-fun activities (ie paper writing & trial preparation). I always wanted to be one of those people who did things today rather than tomorrow, but thus far I haven't managed. I don't procrastinate till I have to pull an all-nighter, but I do push it back . . . one day, two days, three :(

But at least I don't have to worry about food prep this week. I'll be feasting on

a bit of this . . .

and a bit of that . . .

To make the lasagna "cheese" roast 2 heads of cauliflower (425 for 30ish mins). Then mix it with 1/2 cup of nooch (aka nutritional yeast), 1/4 cup of rice milk, and one can cannellini beans in a food processor (I have a *teeny* food processor so the Aussie used a potato masher instead). . . add seasonings to taste (we used basil and oregano). Be creative with the veggie layer. For our layers we did sauce, noodles, "cheese", veggie mixture (1 pound spinach, 2 red peppers, a container of button mushrooms, garlic all sauteed) . . . and repeat. Top with hemp seeds for some yummy protein. We also used a bit of daiya on top for a prettier slice.

Off to be productive,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Adventures

Dear Mother Nature--thank you for glorious weather ;)

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the weather. Sadly, I spent Sat tied to my desk, but I did have the window by me open which made me *almost* feel like I was outside (it's a pretty big window). But today the Aussie and I headed down to a marina nearby

The restaurant isn't opened till next weekend, so we brought our own food and scooped up the awesome seats on their deck. By brought our "own" food, I meant ordered vegan pizza from zpizza.

Now I'm watching the handsome Aussie whipping up a vegan lasagna (using cauliflower mixture for cheese) and sweet potato soup.

Off to inhale, err . . . taste test,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cheese that Loves Cows :)

Daiya Cheese is vegan and soy-free, which is a lovely combination. It tasted great on my pizza today. I can definitely see myself using it in the future. Next on the list will be a spinach and cheese dip. I bet it will make for a mean grilled cheese.

I love finding new vegan food treats. It's important to keep taste testing till you find stuff you love. has tons of reasons why milk is nasty! Milk is for a baby calf. Give daiya a try :)

Off to Class,


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Goodbye Soy Ice Cream, Hello Raw Dream :)

I have always loved ice cream. I worked at an ice cream parlor for 4 yrs, and I never got sick of it. But vegan ice cream SUCKS (in my opinion). I tried lots, but never found one I loved. Until now :) Cashew Creamery I adore you. I have only tried the choc kind, but they have mango & vanilla flavors that I want to try. It's more expensive than Ben & Jerry's (8 bucks a pop), but it doesn't have cow puss, sugar, or other crap which makes it worth the price in my opinion. Just look at the goodness that is Cashew Creamery . . . .

Runs to the fridge to steal a bite <3

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kristen's Raw Rocks

I talked about my first experience with raw choc for V-day, but I have found a new raw love. I read Kristen's Raw religiously (you should too), and the other day she wrote about these kickass raw bars. I knew I had to have them. I ran to Wholefoods (I was in MD with the Aussie, so Wholefoods was actually close!), but sadly they didn't have any :(

Then I went online and discovered they had them in Richmond at Ellwood Thompson's (love it there), so we stopped on the drive down to the 'Burg on Sunday. We shared the caramel one. It was glorious. The sticker shock (6 bucks) is a bit much, but the joy is worth it. This weekend I'll be testing the goji one :) I'll let you know how it goes.

I will not eat the goji one before the Aussie comes down; I will not eat the goji one before the Aussie comes down ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

The past 2 wks have been crazy--flew to Vegas for a trial team competition (we won . . . yippy!), flew to NJ for a work trip and to see my bestie, spent a few days in MD with the Aussie. Now Spring Break is over (prob my last Spring Break ever), and I'm back into the grind. I had some amazing eats, but the most amazing experience was definitely at Everlasting Life in DC. It was mind blowing. I had the best vegan mac & cheese and fried tofu EVER!

This was the Aussie's feast--which included fake ham, fried chicken-free, and yams

Mine was just a blob of mac & no cheese with fried chicken-free (I will be dreaming of this for a long time)

Then we split a cinnamon roll and an unpictured raspberry smoothie w/ coconut milk and hemp milk

Everlasting Life is a place that non-vegans would love too. The food isn't too expensive, the service is fab, but they are under construction so we ate in a literal construction site . . . haha. I will definitely, DEFINITELY be going back.

Let's hope this week is quick & productive :)