Friday, May 28, 2010

New Love for Sprouted Bread

I've been enjoying sprouted california style bread from Alvarado St. Bakery along with some Barry's Tea :) for brekky.

In other news, I did a mini Wholefoods shop . . . nutritional yeast (for amazing tofu scrambles), greensuperfood bars (b/c they are healthy and taste great), and a new vegan cookie brand (b/c they didn't have mary's love cookies!!)

I'll let you know how the cookies taste as soon as I inhale them. It's the weekend, so hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to share :) The Aussie and I are headed to Arlington, VA for a weekend hotel stay. Yes, he lives very close to Arlington, but we have a party in the city and figured it would be easier to be close for that and his house is sure to turn into party central for the long weekend (we'd rather avoid the craziness). Plus who doesn't love staying at a hotel?

Off to listen to pre-bar prep lectures (damn Barbri and their buttload of pre-prep),


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Delish Food

One thing I love about traveling is searching the internet for fun food places to try. When I decided to go to Myrtle Beach I quickly found a health food store that offered smoothies & sandwiches. Enter Bay Naturals. I loved how sweet all the staff were and it has officially become the place where I fell in love with sprouted bread. I tried sprouted bread before, and was less than impressed. But when I ordered a FBLT (a vegan version of a blt), I found out that all sprouted bread is not created equal ;) Of course I ran out to purchase some of the bread as soon as I was close to a Wholefoods. And I'm happy to report that some is in my belly as I type. Hmm . . . Barry's tea + sprouted bread = happiness.

Here's my purchases from Bay's . . .

The juice was a combo of beets, carrots, kale and some other stuff. It was darn tasty. The cookies are my new fav. I love, LOVE, I mean LOOOOOOOOOVE Mary's Gone Crackers, so I pounced when I saw the cookies. They come in 2 separate pouches for people with some self control ;) I inhaled them all within 2 days :( The texture was crumbly and soft. Yum-e!

For my bday dinner the Aussie took me to PF Changs. I went there in Myrtle Beach for the first time and fell in love . . .

I had the eggplant dish and the Aussie had the coconut curry. We decided that coconut curry should be left to the Thai restaurants, but the eggplant was heavenly. It was also tasty reheated for lunch the next day. PF Changs combines affordability with a bit of luxury. We will definitely go back (many, many times) **hint, hint Aussie**
Tomorrow I'll share pics from the vegan joint we stopped at on the way home from Myrtle Beach. It's definitely comfort food :)

Enjoy the day,


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graduation and Bday Fun

It's been a bit of a whirlwind on my end--I graduated from law school, went to Mrytle beach with my bestie, and celebrated my bday with the Aussie. Here's a picture overload ;) Next post will cover some yummy meals I enjoyed.

Graduation . . .

Mrytle Beach . . .

Birthday night . . .

Can ya tell I like Yes to Carrots? You absolutely must try this stuff. It's healthy and feels so rich. Other healthy products I've used on my hair and skin felt thin and watery, but Yes to Carrots met all my needs. Also, the sneaks are the new "tone your tush" ones, so I will give an update on if they actually work! As I said before, I'm trying to get into the running thing. So far I've done 3 running spurts (ie walks with running mixed in). I realized I can't run very far, but I think it's more of a mental block than a physical one. I'm hoping the Garmin will help me push through b/c I'll be able to see the distance increasing ;)

I was very surprised by the TOMS from the future sister-in-law! She is very thoughtful. TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a kid in need for each pair you buy. The Aussie ran to buy a pair after he saw mine. Love them!

Does anyone know what they do when they fit you for running shoes?

Off to listen to Con law lectures,


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bertucci's pizza is like an Italian Party in my mouth

The other day the Aussie and I had an Italian feast courtesy of Bertucci. They have amazing pizza. I always get the eggplant on top . . .

We also shared a glorious dish of roasted veggies. I even ate the garlic. The diced tomato was the best.

In other news, the Aussie found some delish choc coffee combo that has probotics. Screw you yogurt! I'm opting to get my live bacteria from an animal friendly source. Plus it's darn tasty :)

Little hills of yummy coffee beans . . .

Off to harass the Aussie till he entertains me,


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Awesome food, nature and company

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather. The Aussie and I spent the day hiking, which is always my favorite way to spend the day.

And yes I did slip once while skipping across the rocks. I blame the rock, not my clutzy nature. After the lovely hike we headed to try a new vegan place in Baltimore.
We shared a lightly sweetened lemonade.

And the Yabba Pot Combo with beans, two types of "meat" dishes, live kale salad, cabbage, squash, and rice. The Aussie liked it far more than I did.

The dessert was definitely my favorite. It was a peanut butter, brownie, and graham cracker combo. Heavenly! The Aussie was very lucky I shared.

Off to watch the Gamer,


Friday, May 7, 2010

Officially Finished Law School

After completing my last exam on Wednesday I hopped into my car and headed north to MD. The Aussie surprised me with this lovely vegan treat . . .

Obviously we attacked the cake :)

As you know I haven't had soda in 5 months. I don't consider Izze "soda" and I just tried Zevia, which I also don't consider soda ;) Zevia tastes very, very close to regular cola. Love it! I don't plan to go buck-wild drinking it, but I think it's great to have every now-and-again. I highly recommend trying Zevia.

I also had a chance to try Gardein chik nuggets. Darn tasty! The Aussie adores them and swears they would fool any meat-eating monkey ;)

I'm a fan. In other news, I started this blog to focus on vegan eats & fitness, but the Aussie made a good point--I never talk about fitness. That will change. I want to start running. Starting today!

Off to get my butt kicked by the pavement,