Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A little time off of pump = inability to lift your arm (I exaggerate only a *tad*). Tonight I spent the evening with the SIL hating the shoulder track ... seriously Les (can I call you Les? sure I can, because you torture me) why do you tease us with a shoulder track that makes me swear it's going to end and then ... it's bar time?

The up part was using my lovely little Christmas gift (thanks Aussie!)

I also did a delicious repeat of the watermelon juice (watermelon, ice and blend, blend, blend)

Hey, who's that stealing my juice?!

Can I just say I love summer? I love summer :) A lovely little summer-inspired salad creation with veggie nuggets and loads of corn.

Off to zzz so I can gym it up in the am,


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