Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hudson - Six Months

His stats:

Weight - 18.5 pounds

Height - 69 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He loves clapping, songs, and getting a good bounce on his bouncer (he kicks his little feet so hard to go fast).

He dislikes being hungry and that's about it. He's really an incredibly happy and sweet baby.  And he can sleep in very strange positions.

His adventures:

This week was his first time in daycare. I think it was hardest on dad! I'm just grateful that he only has to go one day for a bit (then two days from June onwards).

He explored the clothes basket.

He went to the park for his first slide and swing ride. He didn't seem overly thrilled with either. I suppose he's still a little young, but I thought for sure he'd love the swing because he loves the wind on his face.

He also got his first visit from the Easter bunny.

And he celebrated Auntie Chels' birthday. He was mesmerized by the candles.

New changes this month:

He started solids a few days ago. We're doing a combination of baby led weaning and traditional.
He's had the following so far:
  • organic carrot
  • rolled oats (blended into a flour and mixed with water)
  • organic plum (he was a big fan)
  • organic apple
  • avocado

There has been a surprising amount of bib eating.

Thoughts on the month: 

I cannot believe my little baby is celebrating his half-birthday! Time is flying. I realised just how much he's grown when I was putting away his newborn clothes.

He looks massive!

He's turning into a little boy.

Off to clean some dishes,


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