Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hudson - Nine months

His stats:

Weight - 19.4 pounds

Height - 74 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

Loves climbing on people and exploring. In particular, he loves exploring anything he's not supposed to.

Dislikes when I'm late taking him for his morning walk. The boy loves the outdoors (and I hope he always does).

His adventures:

He hung out with his cousin again. They took turns crying.

He explored outside, and since it was freezing he got a chance to try his warm jacket.

He learned how to take a good "selfie".

New changes this month:

He's improved in the one-arm drag crawling, but seems uninterested in learning to crawl properly.

He sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time.

Thoughts on the month:  

Hudson had a dose of antibiotics, and finally started getting better. But he's still a snot-face. We're absolutely loving this age though, because he's so much fun. He chats to himself and always makes us laugh. I love watching him explore his environment.

Off to watch Hudson sleep (yeah, I'm a creepy baby stalker),


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