Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alexander - 6 months


Weight: 16 pounds

Height: Not sure – he has a check-up next week

His likes/dislikes:

He loves being around people, and especially staring at his big brother (he’s mesmerised). He dislikes waiting for his milk (even a tenth of a second!)

His typical day:

Around 4 months he stopped sleeping through the night and for the past several weeks he’s been up every hour or two at night. Last night was the first time he slept for 5 hours in a row. I miss the early days when he slept! He usually gets up for a feed around 6:30 then sleeps until 10, up until 11:30ish then naps for an hour or so and takes another nap around 2-3. When Hudson is home, I try hard to plan his nap around Hudson’s. He still loves the pram (and surprisingly is still in the bassinet one). He rolled over around 5 months (back to tummy), but still isn’t sitting. He loves grabbing the balls out of his swing and enjoys the playmat now. He’s a louder, happier baby than Hudson was (he’s doing a high pitch scream as I type because he’s trying to get his balls out of the swing). I love how they each have their own personalities.

We started solids a bit before 6 months on the advice of the maternal nurse, and he’s taken to it like a champion. He loves to eat and opens his mouth up huge and yells if you’re not fast enough. So far he’s had a taste of watermelon (first food), steal cut oatmeal, avocado, pumpkin, carrot, banana.

His adventures:

We had 2 months of torture with breastfeeding and realised he needed to have a laser treatment on his upper lip, which we did when he was 5 months old. It made a huge difference and now feeding is completely pain free. However, we are a bit worried about the weight he’s putting on – he’s gone from the 75% at 2 mons, 50% at 4 mons and 25% at 5.5 months. We have a check-up next week, so hopefully he’s put on a bit. He’s taken a few bottles, which is good! I realised I’ve only been away from him for around 6 hours altogether over the past 6 months.

We had our first beach trip, and it worked out great. Hudson loved the water, but Alexander stayed in the baby bjorne.

Official Nicknames:

I think we’ve decided that Xander will be his nickname – it was either that or AJ as I don’t particularly care for Alex. We call him all kinds of names – Xan, Xansibar (like the island Zanzibar), Xanny, and sometimes Xander the Salamander.

Thoughts on the past few months: 

It’s been so much fun. I was surprised by how easy the transition to two has been, although you do feel a bit like a single parent to the second because dad is so occupied with work and the first. I love watching Hudson with Xander – he’s so sweet!

Off to clean the house that is never clean,


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