Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life Update

School is taking over my life, which I kinda hate (a lot). I just want to be done with it already, but I have awhile to go until I'm certified over here. Our friends from the States came to visit and we took them on a little hike to a place about 90 minutes from the apartment called Hanging Rock.

While there I managed to catch an in-flight picture of the lovely Rosella

I know, I know you're impressed with my photography skills. Try not to be too jealous . . . haha.

In other bird news, the Aussie saved a bird that knocked himself out on the window at the in-laws. My MIL likes her house clean, really clean. It seems to be a hazard for birds.

On the decorating front, I hung my first painting. And I do mean *I* because I was the one that was able to get the wire to sit on the screw. Okay, perhaps the Aussie deserves a bit of credit because he did put in the screw.

The painting was done by the Aussie's great-uncle and bought as a wedding gift from the in-laws. LOVE IT!

In eats, we've been devouring tempeh sammies ever since we found this recipe


Back to the grind,


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