Sunday, September 18, 2011

Focus on the Positive

After a day of the blues, I was excited to start changing my mindset. It's easy to fall into the trap of "poor me." I'm exhausted by school and the prospect of not practising in AU for so long. My skin and I are fighting, and it's getting ugly. The scale is heading in the wrong direction. Motivation left me like a baby daddy running from responsibility. Oh wait, I'm *supposed* to be over the blues ;)

I decided the only way to fight the blues was to do something (anything) that would make me feel good about myself. Today I did just that.

I re-created a childhood favorite--a twist (bacon/egg/cheese sandwich)

Enter--tempeh, nutritional yeast and spinach as the replacements

I'm a super-star wife, so I made the Aussie a healthy twist to go for his away cricket game. He inhaled it.

I also spent several hours knee-deep in constitutional law, which wasn't fun but I felt better getting things started.

And the sure fire way to beat the blues is to get your butt kicked by the new release of bodypump. I *may* not be able to lift my arms to the keyboard tomorrow, but my blues are gone :)

Here's to a good week!


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