Friday, November 29, 2013

Hudson - One month

I can't believe Hudson has been with us for a month already. I go back and forth between feeling as though he's always been in our lives to feeling as though life has changed so quickly. However, I always feel incredibly lucky to call him my son (ahhh - it's still surreal to use "my" and "son" together).

His stats:

Weight - 10 pounds 7 ounces

Height - 55 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

Likes - sleeping on chests, staring at shutters, listening to his dad sing the oompa loompa song (well, sing the first two lines over and over), taking "laps" around the house, lifting his head when he's on your chest, hanging out in the baby bjorne, and floating in his bath.

Dislikes - nappy changes and being put down in the bassinet.

His adventures:
Obviously this whole month was basically a list of firsts - baths, pram rides, car rides, etc. He went on three car rides - home from the hospital, to the baby store to pick-up a sinfully expensive but equally awesome swing made by 4moms, and to his grandparents house. He's gone on a few walks in the baby bjorne, including to mothers' group. He also took his pram for a spin twice.  

New changes this month:
We've spent this month learning about each other and getting the hang of breastfeeding. Hudson calls the shots, whether it be to party at 3am with ear piercing screams or deciding to take a long nap on a Saturday afternoon (I would also vote for the latter!). He changes daily. Lately he's been foregoing his morning nap like a rebel, which makes his mom cranky. I try to remind myself that the boy will eventually sleep and I will eventually get my nap. He's usually waking twice at night, and I'm dreaming of the day he sleeps longer than 3.5 hrs at a time over night. We like having him sleep in our room, so we probably won't transition him to his own room for awhile.

Just like every other new parent, we think he's a genius. He lifts his head like a rockstar and has started making babbling sounds. I'm sure doing long division is right around the corner. He's so inquisitive, and I love watching him look around a room.

Thoughts on the month:
I've loved watching how easily my husband has taken on the role of dad, and I feel blessed to have his love and support as we embark on this crazy thing called parenthood. I feel like a hermit most days because I don't get out of my pjs, but I'm hoping in the upcoming weeks we get into a better routine.

Off to rock a crying baby,


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