Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hudson - Four Months

With each passing day I am more amazed by my little man. I love watching his personality develop, and I do everything in my power to bring out those precious smiles.

His stats:

Weight - 17 pounds 5 ounces

Height - 67 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He still loves "the blue hole" (aka the missing part of our roof). He, unlike the rest of the world, also loves to hear me sing (mostly I go with random noises like "a boo, a ba, a bee", so perhaps the term "singing" isn't entirely accurate).  He really enjoys rides in the pram (Australian word for stroller). I know this because when he gets put in the pram he kicks his legs wildly and smiles. He's also still fascinated by his baby Einstein take along tunes and is starting to enjoy soft blocks.

He loves being outside - looking at trees and feeling the wind. 

Dislikes are unchanging - being cold after a shower and having to wait to eat.

His adventures:

He was babysat by his grandmom for the first time (my mom).

He flew co-piloted a helicopter

He got naked in the park.

New changes this month:

He rolled over! It was so exciting, even though we all missed the actual roll. We were eating dinner and one second he was on his back and the next he was on his stomach. Of course as soon as I realised what happened, I ran to get my camera. He hasn't done it since (the slacker!).

Thoughts on the month: 

It's been a big transition going back to work, but I feel incredibly lucky that I have a very flexible work environment. I do believe challenging myself outside the home will make me a better mom - one who appreciates the time I do have with Hudson. Some women can be completely satisfied staying at home full-time, but I knew (even before Hudson was born) that I was not one of those women. I just want to find the right work/life balance.

I love that Hudson is now holding onto you when you carry him. I love that he seems to genuinely enjoy my presence. I love that he brings so much joy into our lives. And I love falling asleep with my favourite two men beside me (even if one is a heavy breather and the other bangs his legs constantly).

Off to clean the wood floors (aka chase down all the dust bunnies taking over the house),


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