Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hudson - Eleven months

His stats:

Weight - 22 pounds
Height - 77 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He learned to pull himself up to a standing position, so that is a favourite activity now. He also loves to point (especially at plants/trees). He has a very, very strong fascination with hair that results in him pulling his own and any other hair within reach. Dad takes him for "walks" around the house (i.e. holds his hands while Hudson struts around.

He loves the cat that comes around our house. He hates his jumperoo now. His favourite toy is probably the cheapest one - a huge pink ball that mom *may* have wanted for herself (who doesn't love balls?).

His adventures:

As you can see Hudson got his first black eye this month (hopefully his last too).

He enjoyed some park time which means lots of smiles while swinging.

And we went to the first mothers' group birthday (Hudson's the youngest in our group).

Thoughts on the month: 

 This month we enjoyed a date night (thanks to Hudson's Auntie). We also celebrated our first father's day. Hudson gave dad a frame with his footprint in it and some sweets. It is not easy getting a footprint from a baby and it is even harder for a hand (which is why the frame only included a foot.

And some pictures from the month:


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