Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hudson - Twelve months

His stats:

Weight - 22.5 pounds

 Height - 78.5cm

His likes/dislikes:

We bought him a ball pit, which he loves!! He can crawl in and out, and enjoys handing you balls.

He still loves the cat (I, however, still dislike cats although I do feed it on occasion which probably sends it mixed messages).

He is obsessed with his dad. To an incredible level.


His adventures:

He had his first vacation without us (i.e. we had a vacation and he stayed with his Auntie). And as soon as we got back he wanted dad. I went to give him a cuddle when dad was holding him and he cried to go back to dad.

Our vacation: 

Hudson's vacation:

Thoughts on the month: 

We needed a vacation so bad. It's tough to go from a couple to parents, and I think taking time out to be a couple is really important. It's hard to do in the beginning, but I thought doing something around 1 was manageable. I would recommend that all soon-to-be parents plan a vacation for around 1. But it was hard to leave Hudson, and I couldn't imagine doing it if he didn't have such an incredible Aunt who is so loving and kind.

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