Monday, February 1, 2016

Hudson - 2 years

His stats:

Weight - 31.6 pounds
Height - 92 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He dislikes not getting his way and absolutely hates when Dad holds Mom's hand.

He likes going to the park, playing hide and seek, reading, and spending every possible moment with Dad. We also let him occasionally watch Dora the Explorer, which he likes (although he can't get through an entire episode)

His adventures:

He went to his first wedding - his Uncle got married.

Despite the look on his face, he had a good time. Especially when he saw the Bride's niece.

He's had many adventures with his friends.

His biggest adventure was flying to America to visit my parents and best friend! The flights weren't too bad because we had tons of extra seats (I love empty planes!).

Thoughts on the last few months: 

His language has exploded and he wants to try to do everything himself. I love seeing him learn and grow. He's such a sweet child - always quick to share with us and wanting to cuddle. I feel blessed that he's mine.

The alligator misbehaved and got time out. Haha! We give Hudson time out of 10 seconds if he's not listening, and apparently he applies the same rules to his animals.

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