Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hudson - 2.5 yrs

His stats:

Weight: 34 pounds

Height: 94 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He loves his bike and has been riding outside for the past few months - his favourite thing is bombing hills (aka going down super fast and relying on dad at the bottom of the hill to be his brakes). He is still ball obsessed and we have recently introduced a baseball bat into the mix. Still a little bookworm and he 'reads' before nap every day at home - favourites include Bear Hunt, Go Dog Go, and Are You My Mother. Dad also always reads to him before bed. In the last few months he's also started loving stuffed animals, which he refers to as 'his guys'. His guys sleep with him, and his favourites are his puppy, penguin, baa baa the sheep. Puppy and Penguin drive to daycare with us and often want to listen to music and dance.

His favourite foods at the moment are: oatmeal, 'special treats' (anything with sugar!), peas. eggs, watermelon, cantaloupe and especially bread. He dislikes mashed potato.

He dislikes getting his hair brushed and is showing no interest in using the toilet.

His adventures:

His crib was converted to a bed (i.e. one side was removed), and he handled the transition really well. I was afraid I'd find him roaming the house at night, but if he wakes up he either calls for dad or comes to our room.

We had an incredible summer filled with evening walks/rides, multiple beach vacations, and soaking up every minute of sun!

Thoughts on the last few months: 

The learning still blows my mind. Every day I swear he changes. He's quick to tell us if we use a naughty word (although he does think 'ridiculous' is a naughty word no matter how many times we say it is not). He seems to understand we're having another baby - who he swears is a baby boy. But I don't think he realizes how much will change (heck, I can't even really appreciate it). He's spent the last few months wanting a scooter, and is planning to ask Santa for one. Little does he know his baby brother or sister will bring him one!

The other night after we got home he looked up in the sky and said he would fly up in helicopter to get a star for me, dad, and him. He loves cuddles and is incredibly sweet - always shares with you. He's still a daddy's boy and when dad is home mom is a third wheel (but that's okay). He's just an incredible little boy and we are so lucky that he's our son (coming from a completely unbaised mom . . . haha).

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