Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Alexander - 1 month

His stats:

Weight: 11.4 pounds

Height: 56 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He loves sleeping on your chest, staring at the shutters, pram walks, and eating. He is the loudest eater ever and it makes it laugh all the time.

He dislikes getting a bath and being put down (ha!)

His typical day:

He's not in a solid routine yet, but most days he's eating 8-10 times per day - mostly feeding on one side each time for 5-10mins but sometimes he wants both. He is starting to sleep one long stretch at night around 4 hours and then the second one is short - 2-3 hours. He naps on pram walks, and we go for at least one each day (usually into town for grocery shopping and going to the park). His bedtime is often around 11pm and sometimes he's a bit restless between 8-11. He naps a few times a day but no definite times (he would nap all day if he's on your chest).

His adventures:

We are out and about much more, and started earlier with Alexander, than we were with Hudson (perks of being the second born and having parents who have more confidence and know what they are doing, at least more than they did). We put in a lot of face time at the local cafe and parks.

He had his first photo shoot at 8 days old, and we're looking forward to getting the photos from the photographer soon. He peed everywhere, but I'm hopeful we'll have some good photos.

Thoughts on the last few month: 

The transition to a family of 4 has been easier than I thought it would be. It helps that Xander is a better eater and sleeper than Hudson was. He's a pretty relaxed newbie. If he's crying it's usually because he's hungry or wants a nappy change. Hudson is an incredible big brother who has not shown one teeny, tiny ounce of jealousy (despite Xander getting all the gifts and taking all his old baby stuff). He's a huge help and shows so much love towards Alexander. He loves to hold him and is concerned whenever he cries (he's usually bossing me around telling me Alexander wants some milk). I love hearing him say Alexander's name, and I look forward to watching their friendship grow.

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