Friday, July 29, 2016

Day in the life - Just Alexander (6wks)

On Mondays and Wednesdays, Hudson heads off to daycare while me and Alexander get to spend some one-on-one bonding time together (and, lets be real, I get a break!).

2:30 am - Alexander is up for a feed. He's a quick eater and usually goes right back down. He knows the way to momma's heart is sleep. We're back down by 2:45ish

6:10am - Alexander is up for another feed. I feed him and he's back to sleep. I get up to talk to the Hubs and get Hudson ready for daycare.

7:20am - The boys are off with breakfast to go. Today was avocado on toast. I head back to bed (don't judge!)

9:15am - Alexander is up for a feed. Lately he's been sleeping until past 10 so this is a bit early, but still a good sleep-in. He eats and then we spend some time just looking around the room contently (I do a little facebooking and eat a Cliff Bar).

10:30ish - We head for a walk into town, and stop at the local cafe. He sleeps while I read and enjoy a green tea and scone.

11:30 - Walk over to the health food store - pick up nutritional yeast, steel cut oats, organic apples, and brazil nuts.

12pm - Walk around the oval a few times in bipolar weather (repeating a cycle of nice one minute and raining the next)

1pm - Get home and feed Alexander. He's snoozing on me while I contemplate what to eat next and begin this blog post.

2-3:15pm - Make an Acai smoothie, small arm workout, make the beds.

3:15pm - Alexander is up. Time for another walk. This time to the post office and grocery shopping.

5:00pm - Last week the trash truck left behind half of the trash in the can, so I gained some major wife points (at least I better have!) by rearranging the trash so hopefully it all comes out this week (so incredibly disgusting).

5:15pm - Alexander is still passed out (pram rides knock him out). I grabbed a few cookies and start dinner - roasted sweet potato that will be covered in a veggie bolognese sauce with broccoli and peas on the side. First time trying it, so we'll see if it's okay.

6:00pm - Hudson and I eat dinner. I wear Alexander in the baby borne to keep him happy. Hudson loves it and finishes it all.

7:00pm - Dad is home (hip, hip, hooray!) He eats his dinner while we ask him a million questions about his day. Hudson sits on his lap and steals his food. Then he takes over with the boys while I clean up.

8:00pm - Time for Hudson to go to bed. Dad usually does the teeth brushing, book reading and bedtime cuddling. I try to entertain Xander. He gets a bit cranky in the evenings (lots of on and off the boob!)

9:00 pm - Dad is busy at work so he logs on to do some emails while I watch some tv and continue to entertain Alexander.

10:00pm - Dad takes Alexander for a few laps around the house, then back to the emails.

10:30pm - One last feed for Alexander.

11:00pm - Bedtime!

Off to enjoy some rare both kids sleeping time,


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