Friday, November 5, 2010

Packed & Passed


I found out today that I passed the Maryland bar examination. I DID NOT want to spend another two months studying 10hrs a day again, so I was over the moon. It also saves me the embarassing "no I didn't pass" when everyone asks me in Australia :) Happy, happy, happppppppppppy Babs.

In other news, we're T-minus 13 hours until we are on the road to Australia--the road being a rental car ride to pick-up the new Aussie wedding band, continue to the airport to drop off said rental car, hop on the plane to LA, hop on the plane to Auckland, hop on the plane to Melbourne. I know at this point you're jealous ;) But it ain't over yet! It ends with a 90 minute car ride to the Aussie's parents.

Bags are packed . . .

Okay, okay overpacked ;)

The snacks are plentiful--choc, raw macaroons, oatmeal with protein powder, fruit. Trashy magazines will be purchased (I'm looking at you In Touch).

See ya on the otherside of the world,


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