Monday, January 3, 2011

Snap, Crackle & Pop

With dandies laying around there really is only one thing you MUST create--vegan rice krispy treats. The treats are so easy to make with only 3 ingredients, and they tasted amazing. Dandies, I love you <3

Definitely drool worthy! I was even nice enough to share with a vegan co-worker. I would have shared with all my co-workers, but I inhaled too many to have enough to share with everyone :( Speaking of work, being on the 3rd shift definitely doesn't leave much "me" time. It's work, sleep, repeat mode.

It also has made me crave carby goodness, mostly in the form of bagels. Who am I kidding, I always crave carbs :)

And hashbrowns! The Aussie came up with the most basic way to create amazing hashbrowns. Using a peeler, peel the entire potato into slices. Toss the slices into a pan (medium heat) with a bit of cooking spray and cover to steam (add a bit of water during the cooking process to create more steam), and remember to mix the slices as they cook. Golden brown=done! All we added was a bit of ground black pepper and these potato peels were so stinkin' good.

Always be sure to balance the deliciousness of carbs with a salad or two ;)

Off to nap before work,


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