Thursday, May 12, 2011

She's Baaaaaaaaaack

Hello, hello Blogger world :)

My blogging may have stopped, but my reading of blogs most certainly did not (okay . . . it may have been limited to when I had access to the internet). Over the past few months much has happened--a trip across the country, an extended stay in Pahrump (I bet you had to look up where it is . . . in case you're too lazy--Nevada), a move to Australia with the heaviest bags imaginable, a month-stay at the In-law resort in lovely Sedgwick, and FINALLY a move Melbourne.

Enough chat. How about some pictures?

New York in the freezing cold (the Aussie looking scared of the cold and his brother)

3D movie watching at the Kennedy Center

Bahammas cruise (so lovely & cheap!)

Waves in Miami

Grand Canyon (too cold to hike down)

Vegas (only an hour from Pahrump, but a world apart)

Muir Woods (outside San Fransisco)

Napa Valley (best winery was Leaping Frog)

Now I'm sitting in my Melbourne apartment with my fridge stocked with plants

Definitely stocked! I'm settling into Melbourne nicely, but trying desperately to get a job! All the traveling may seem extravagant for an unemployed new graduate, but a road trip was needed to get my car and other important stuff from the East Coast to my parents in Nevada, and it gave the Aussie a chance to see a bit of the States before we relocated to Australia. Needless to say, the upcoming trips for us will be the camping variety ;) Real world has definitely arrived.

I missed snapping pictures of creations and adventures, so I'm going to try this whole blogging daily (semi-daily) thing again :) So stay turned for fun from down under!


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