Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Work Week

Another work week done and dusted! I'm excited to be heading off to Lake's Entrance for our babymoon (yes, I support any reason to celebrate or take a vacation). This week I spent my time alternating between thoughts that this baby is going to be here before we know it and the fear that I cannot possibly last another 12 weeks with this ever-growing basketball strapped to my stomach (add a few, quite a few, thoughts of wishing for ankles instead of cankles).

This week I also realised that my crafting skills may have peaked in kindergarten. I decided to make a little babymoon game for us - twelve questions to answer about the baby that we can look back on his 1st birthday and realise how wrong we were. Questions include: when will he be born, who will change his first diaper, what will his first word be and how much sleep will we get.

I know, you are incredibly impressed with my over-the-top crafting project. I figure I can only improve from here. Right?

Other highlights this week included my first time at Schnitz (okay, okay it was also my second time .. those wraps are addictive).

And getting to spend time with this handsome husband ...

Off to couch cuddle,


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