Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shopping aka nesting

This week has been filled with shopping (and surprisingly not of the internet variety which has been my preggo go-to). I waddled my butt through Toys R Us and IKEA to score some solid baby finds.

Don't mind the 1980s lace - the plantation shutters are on their way (apparently). The lamp sets a really nice glow, and I'll put our new glider on the left. I really wanted the Mercedes of gliders (Hello, $1200 winged back glider. You will always have my heart), but my bank account bullied me into getting el'cheapo which has foresaken style for comfort (hmm ... I hope that isn't what motherhood brings because I have so very little style to begin with).

We pick-up the glider this Thursday.

The work week was filled with lunch dates and some tasty meals. I know I spend far too much money on lunches, but honestly I feel like I deserve it since I'm 36 weeks preggo and still working full-time. Granted, I didn't have this excuse a few months ago, but ummm I like eating out. Maybe maternity leave will bring kitchen adventures.

Some lunches this week:

A rice ball the size of my head and tons of salad.

My go-to Indian - mixed veggie curry, spicy lentil dahl, saffron rice and lots of coriander/cilantro chutney.
In other news, I found a new-to-me product.

You only need water and they clean windows and silverware! I haven't tried them yet, but I am hopeful that they will be awesome (fingers crossed). 

Off to hunt down some dinner,


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