Thursday, October 17, 2013

T-Minus 4 Days

I have 4 days until my due date, and I can't help but wishfully think the bub may make an appearance early (although statistically he's more likely to be late). I worked up until 39 weeks, but decided to stop to rest before the baby's here (okay the family *may* have said I was crazy to work any longer).
My lovely co-workers gave me some adorable baby gifts and lovely flowers, which was a wonderful send off. I still can't believe I'm entering "stay-at-home mom land".

I'm bored already. I wish I loved housework, but sadly I don't. Thus the house is still not tidy. I have been resting a lot though and getting plenty of naps. I've noticed a significant difference in the swelling in my feet too (but now they look wrinkly since the fluid isn't there ...I'm hoping it goes away . . .  haha).

We picked up the glider, which we didn't know would come in pieces.

The Aussie put it together but didn't realise it had to be locked into an incline and when he tested it out he almost fell through the window!

The nursery is almost done, aside from some decorating and putting doors on the closet. 

One of my favourite parts of the room is the bookcase (although the Aussie says I can't refer to it as a bookcase because it isn't one. To me, if it's holding books then it's a bookcase. I'll let you decide for yourself).

I'll take your silence as an agreement that it is in fact a bookcase.

Hopefully my next update will be about the new addition!

Off to avoid cleaning,


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