Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

I've been a busy bee on this end--I started a job doing document review at a firm, I've been planning & plotting for upcoming adventures, and *sadly* I've been avoiding the gym. As for the last one, I do hope to begin a new healthy relationship with the gym. I do miss him and his many tvs ;) I'll be dragging the Aussie to the gym in the am. I'm working 10:30pm until 8:00am, so I'm going to attempt to make face time at the gym when I wake-up around 5pm this week.

The holidays have been a bit low key this year, because it's our first without any parent visits (either my family in Nevada or the Aussie's in Melbourne). We did put up our puny but adorable Christmas tree. The Aussie got this for us on our first Christmas in law school . . .

Food was done by the wonderful people at Everlasting Life. We bought vegan ham and vegan mac & cheese.

We bought enough to feed an army, so I do believe I'll be eating this meal over & over again (or at least I'll be force feeding the Aussie it)

We opened pressies . . .

Mostly, we just enjoyed each others company :) In life, it's important to focus on all the positive things you have & not the fact that you failed to buy a winning mega-millions ticket. Fear not, no one won, so 196 million is up for grabs on Tuesday.

**runs to the store to buy 100 err 2 tickets**


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