Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sugar Overload . . . woot, woot

If it's sweet, then I'm a fan. I inhaled a crazy amount of desserts the past few days.

Sticky Fingers choc chip cookie(s)

Vegan marble cheesecake (alll minnnne . . . ok, I shared) & coconut cupcake (the Aussie handled this one on his own)

Then the Aussie made vegan snickerdoodles (yum!)

Close-up yummy-e-ness

I also balanced it out with a bit of health in the form of a beautiful smoothie.

Christmas time seemed like a perfect time to hunt down some vegan marshmallows. Actually, it wasn't so much of a hunt as it was them falling into my lap when I went into Sticky Fingers. I was hesitant that they wouldn't taste like the marshmallows I grew-up on. I had no reason to fear. They were amazing. The brand was Dandies. I made a cup of cocoa with coconut milk.

Today I'll be hunting down good sales (inc at REI), but first it's time for brekky!I hope you're enjoying a fabulous Sunday :)



  1. Vegan marshmellows? Wow, they can make anything these days, aren't marshmellows just made of egg whites? What are the vegan ones made of?

  2. reg marshmallows are made with geletin (which is created by boiling connective tissue/intestines/organs of animals--mostly cows & pigs). gross, right? dandies main ingredients are sugar and corn syrup, and i promise they taste just like reg ones without the gross factor ;)