Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Delish Food

One thing I love about traveling is searching the internet for fun food places to try. When I decided to go to Myrtle Beach I quickly found a health food store that offered smoothies & sandwiches. Enter Bay Naturals. I loved how sweet all the staff were and it has officially become the place where I fell in love with sprouted bread. I tried sprouted bread before, and was less than impressed. But when I ordered a FBLT (a vegan version of a blt), I found out that all sprouted bread is not created equal ;) Of course I ran out to purchase some of the bread as soon as I was close to a Wholefoods. And I'm happy to report that some is in my belly as I type. Hmm . . . Barry's tea + sprouted bread = happiness.

Here's my purchases from Bay's . . .

The juice was a combo of beets, carrots, kale and some other stuff. It was darn tasty. The cookies are my new fav. I love, LOVE, I mean LOOOOOOOOOVE Mary's Gone Crackers, so I pounced when I saw the cookies. They come in 2 separate pouches for people with some self control ;) I inhaled them all within 2 days :( The texture was crumbly and soft. Yum-e!

For my bday dinner the Aussie took me to PF Changs. I went there in Myrtle Beach for the first time and fell in love . . .

I had the eggplant dish and the Aussie had the coconut curry. We decided that coconut curry should be left to the Thai restaurants, but the eggplant was heavenly. It was also tasty reheated for lunch the next day. PF Changs combines affordability with a bit of luxury. We will definitely go back (many, many times) **hint, hint Aussie**
Tomorrow I'll share pics from the vegan joint we stopped at on the way home from Myrtle Beach. It's definitely comfort food :)

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