Friday, May 7, 2010

Officially Finished Law School

After completing my last exam on Wednesday I hopped into my car and headed north to MD. The Aussie surprised me with this lovely vegan treat . . .

Obviously we attacked the cake :)

As you know I haven't had soda in 5 months. I don't consider Izze "soda" and I just tried Zevia, which I also don't consider soda ;) Zevia tastes very, very close to regular cola. Love it! I don't plan to go buck-wild drinking it, but I think it's great to have every now-and-again. I highly recommend trying Zevia.

I also had a chance to try Gardein chik nuggets. Darn tasty! The Aussie adores them and swears they would fool any meat-eating monkey ;)

I'm a fan. In other news, I started this blog to focus on vegan eats & fitness, but the Aussie made a good point--I never talk about fitness. That will change. I want to start running. Starting today!

Off to get my butt kicked by the pavement,


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