Monday, August 9, 2010

Airport Travel

I'm sitting in the Airport loving Wifi. It makes the time more entertaining.

While riding to the airport the Aussie & I "enjoyed" a drink. The Aussie will gag a little when he reads the word enjoy :) The drink was a tad overpowering for us.

We had the green tea flavor the other day and it was much easier to swallow ;)

What is it about airports that make me want to eat my weight in sugar and carbs? Oh yeah, it's the Auntie Anne's in the air. To make matters worse the Aussie had a meeting today, so I was dropped off *really* early (as in 4hrs before I fly out).

Instead of inhaling sugar, I inhaled some California Tortilla in the form of black bean overload! I adore black beans. They are probably my favorite bean.

I would have taken a picture of the inside of the tacos, but they were messy. I exhibited extreme willpower by only eating a handful of the chips :) Their chips aren't worth the calorie bucket they come with.

What is worth the calorie bucket is this fabulous creation . . .

Up close Sticky Fingers brownie goodness . . .

These brownies rocked my world. I brought some to give to my parents, so they can see how awesome vegan brownies can be.

Off to scope up an unsweetened tea from Starbucks for the flight.

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