Friday, August 6, 2010


I love finding a good deal, and summer is definitely the time to find fruit deals. I came across a huge container of mixed fruit for . . . wait for it . . . under 3 dollars. I was floored. Usually grocery stores sell a *teeny-tiny* container for the price of your left kidney in the black market. Obviously I plowed over the woman in front of me to make sure that I received this insanely discounted container, but then I saw it. 2.95, 2.95, 2.95 as far as the eye could see :) I was one happy camper with my fruit container in tow.

Here she is in all her glory . . .

I begrudgingly shared this treasure with the Aussie, who attacked it like he hadn't eaten since brekky ;)

Since I had saved so much on the fruit, I had extra funds to give to the Wholefoods money pit (ie hot bar). I debated between the bean tacos and the vegan pizza. Tacos won, but mostly because they came with plantains. This meal rocked! Especially the guac and salsa.

In other news, the invitations have been narrowed down to TWO choices, so hopefully I'll have an environmentally-friendly winner by the end of today. Woot, woot. FYI wedding planning is not fun, really it isn't. Do not believe the brides that said they loved it. They lie.

Off to track down some brekky.

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