Friday, August 6, 2010

Food Version of Groundhog Day

Remember the Groundhog Day movie, where the guy relives the same day over & over. Raise your hand if you're guilty of falling in love food and then eating over and over and over. **Raises hand** Currently the Aussie and I are eating lots of the beloved FBLTs and smoothies.

Here's the evidence . . .

You know what I find funny, when I started being a veghead I started liking vegan versions of things I never liked--such as mac and cheese and vegenaise. The FBLTs are amazing with a smear of the latter :)

Dinner also included some very, VERY sweet corn on the cob, which was taken off the cob. It's so much easier to eat that way.

And the highlight of the dinner was definitely this . . .

Vegan Raspberry Bread with an icing top. Wow incredible. I heated up a slice and topped it with Earthbalance. Yum-e

The Aussie is riding his motorbike like a bad-a** ;) but once he gets home I'm begging him to entertain me. I went from way too busy with bar studying to way too much free time. Good thing the Farmer's Market is there for me with there endless smoothies and great bread.

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