Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Cow Loving Yogurt Mess

After seeing post after post of adorable bowls filled with yogurts and add-ins, I decided it was time to make one that the cow's would enjoy :) I went to an awesome store in Columbia, MD called ROOTS. They have everything a vegan dreams of--treats from Sticky Fingers, all types of non-dairy ice cream, a whole section devoted to raw treats, and lots of daiya cheese (by the way I had the chedder in my salad and it truly tastes just like chedder minus the guilt). ROOTS also had coconut yogurt, which inspired my yogurt mess. It was simple, but filling and tasty. Chia seeds, raw granola, and coconut yogurt all went into a bowl. I debated adding oats, but decided not to.

The raw granola was amazing. It has a crunchy texture and comes in BIG chunks. I think it would be great in a bowl with rice milk. It's from Living Intentions. I bought the Cacao Crunch flavor, but they had others that I will definitely be trying.

Here's a picture from the drool-feast that is the Sticky Fingers section of ROOTS. The Aussie and I shared the choc chip cookies the size of my face while listening to the girls sing yesterday. Definitely the best way to enjoy a concert.

Time to be productive. This room is still filled with things that need to be put away.

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