Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sprouted Eating

I have been fascinated with sprouted foods since I first started learning about raw eating. I quickly ran to the store and bought a container of sprouts for my salad, and quickly realized I was not a fan. But I've continued to be open and am open to yummy suggestions. I had a container of sprouted brown rice in the pantry for about 6mons . . . and it sat . . . and sat. I decided to use it for vegan sushi (mostly due to not having another rice readily available). I was shocked by how tasty it was.

I used this brand:

And that is an Izze in the background. I gave up the cola and other sodas, but don't think there is anything wrong with an Izze every now and again (I've had 2 in the 6wks). Swap and your Pepsi/Coke for an Izze, I promise you'll be happy :)


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