Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cannot Manage to be Productive

I have been trying to write this darn paper, but have spent much more time blog reading (so addictive!). Before the Aussie left last weekend I made him his first ever fruit smoothie with hemp milk. He's had plenty of green smoothies, but never just a fruit one (to my knowledge). It was lovely & tasted great too.

Today I'm gulping on a typical green smoothie--spinach, cucumber, mango, & orange. I dont drink enough of these. Eventually, I'd like to have 1-2 daily.

I also made some of these . . .

Definitely my best patch, because they are so moist. I have two left (I inhaled 4 of these suckers), so hopefully the Aussie will get to try them tomorrow (no promises).

I also spent an hr waiting in line for a free veggie burrito from Chiptotle (love, love, love them), because they just opened here :) It included a free drink (I would have loved some poison--err soda, but I stayed strong. I'm 3mons clean. I decided on my go-to unsweetened tea).

Ok, now I must be semi-productive for the reminder of the night.


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