Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dessert for Dinner . . . Yes, please

After having a very late lunch (3:30ish) I opted to be a rebel and have dessert for dinner. It was a relatively guilt-free decision too, because I used the only ice cream I adore--Blue Mountain Creamery. After adding a heaping scoop of ice cream into the bowl, I put in a sliced banana and of course some delish peanut butter. Choc ice cream and peanut butter are world-rocking.

In case you need something to drool over . . .

My day has also included . . .

Sadly, it didn't include enough of the above. I have to hit the books HARD till Wednesday!

I also took an amazing walk today. It was just the loop near my condo, but it was so lovely to just smell Spring. Being outside in the nice weather is so relaxing. I plan to do the loop every morning while studying for the bar.

In life we often feel as though we aren't good enough--not smart enough, thin enough, strong enough, rich enough--but on a quiet walk we can just BE. It's great to push yourself to the next level, but make sure you're enjoying the ride to the top too. I know I'm very guilty of focusing on where I want to be, and not on how far I've come. So today celebrate all your hard work :) You deserve it!

Off to work on Family law,


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  1. Came across your blog and the family law book caught my eye. I have sitting in front of my Pretrial procedure book since 7 this morning. Glad to see another law student/blogger. There don't seem to be a lot of us out there.