Thursday, April 22, 2010

Because Sometimes It's Nice to be Lazy & Naughty

Very happy that tomorrow is Friday :) I get to see the Aussie and hopefully listening to some amazing slam poetry. In other news, I've been munching on some of this lately . . .

It's delish, and only 79 cents a bunch! I also tried a new flatout wrap with a lovely sunshine burger (if you haven't tried a sunshine burger you're missing you. they are wholesome vegan goodness minus the soy plus the seeds). The wraps are only 100 cals and filled w/ fiber & protein

And today I almost fainted when I saw boxed goodies I could veganize <3 <3 <3 I scooped them up to make some sweets for my sweet. I subbed chia seeds for the egg.

Yes that's a piece of bread tucked into the cookie container . . . it helps to keep the cookies moist. After a food-filled week it's time for a movie & bed.


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