Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tofu . . . I adore You

It figures just as I start loving tofu--especially in the form of a scramble or a stir-fry--I find out it's not good for me :( It's going to take a bit for me to say goodbye. I used leftover tofu from the Chinese I ordered last night and added broccoli and a new brown/wild rice mixture to make a mean grandma dinner (ie dinner at 4pm). The rice may have ended up in the trash, but I did enjoy the tofu part :)

I also made the Aussie an Easter treat--choc covered organic strawberries :) I modified a recipe found on Pure2Raw. It included coconut oil, cocoa powder, vanilla, and maple syrup

He was shocked at how awesome it was :) I'll be headed to a vegan potluck tomorrow, so I may be making some more of them and raw macaroons (I've never made them before; I've just admired them from afar).

Enjoy the sunshine,


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