Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Need of a Movie Snack?

Angela has you covered! Ever since I read about Angela (from making choc covered raisins I have been craving them. They are very easy to make; since I didn't have coconut oil mine was literally melted semi-dark choc (with no milk crap in it) and raisins. Just melt, mix, and refrigerate. Wait till they harden (it doesn't take long) and then attack.

On an intense sugar rush, I decided to make some banana soft serve (ie frozen banana into a food processor) with melted choc. and sprinkles. The melted choc hardened when it hit the cold ice cream, so I would prob skip it next time. And, of course, the best way to eat banana softserve is with banana slices :)

I was completely stuffed after the sugar feast, so it ended up being my dinner. At least it included fruit ;)

Stay tuned for how to create the perfect baked potato. I know everyone is on the sweet potato bandwagon, but I still love the little white guys too :)

Off to learn Contracts,


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