Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday I planned a morning run, but couldn't manage to get out in the morning. Instead I ate brekky and began studying for the bar. Hours passed and I couldn't shake the sinking feeling of failure. At 1pm I entered the stickiness (it was hot & humid) by convincing myself that I could walk more than run. Once I started though I pushed through. Sure I walked (a fair bit), but I also ran. I ran more than I walked. I watched as people stared at me from their cars, and I realized I was, at that moment, the person that I envied when I stared out of my car window at someone running. It was a great feeling. I was red-faced and sweaty when I arrived home after the 3 mile ordeal that took 36:36 to complete.

In life it's important that we push ourselves. It's important that we don't worry about what other people can do or how we'll never be as good as them. Instead step outside on a hot afternoon and challenge yourself. The last time I did the run/walk 3mile loop it was more walk than run and it took 43:45. Compete against yourself. Improve yourself. Focus on yourself.

Now onto some tasty dessert. I saw this on Julie's blog (Peanut Butter Fingers). It's a combination of peanut butter/pretzels/choc. Sounds amazing, right? I changed it up a bit. I used saltines, because I didn't have any pretzels. And added chia seeds & hemp seeds to make it a bit healthier ;) All you have to do is combine ingredients (use twice as much pb as saltines/pretzels), roll into balls, stick them into the freezer to get solid, dip them in melted choc, pop into the fridge to harden. Done! I keep my pb in the fridge, so it was easy to roll into balls, but if you don't then I would put the amount of pb you want to use into a bowl and into the fridge for a bit to make it easier to work with.

I obviously ran out of choc towards the end. The one poor guy ended up naked and others were scantily clad :) Here's what the inside of the balls of joy looked like . . .

The Aussie enjoyed them, though he did say they weren't as sweet as he would like. Back to studying I go. I hope you're enjoying the day.


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