Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brown Rice On All Sides

I wanted to get up this morning but **enter lameass excuse** Actually I have no excuse. I was lazy and I own my laziness. The Aussie has come up with a foolproof (well, perhaps not completely foolproof) plan; it assigns "responsibility" to one person each morning for getting the both of us up. I'm taking tomorrow :) My muscles need a cry, so I'll be getting up for Bodypump.

In good morning news, the amazing green master brought us another tasty creation--tons of rainbow chard, a lemon, two apples and orange juice into the blender.

Morning Aussie . . .

I also took a picture of morning Babs, but you're not ready for that picture yet (in fact, I don't think the Aussie is ready for that picture yet either . . . hehe).

At work we had morning tea, which meant I tossed a ton of pineapple and grapes into my belly :) along with a tasty tea. No pictures, because it would have been akcward ;)

I did, however, snap a picture of my lunch. I had to do it very discretely, which is difficult with an open-plan office.

Yep, I hunted down brown rice sushi. It was worth the hunt!

Brown rice made a dinner appearance too ;) Grains are good for you.

If you guessed it was Vegout, you would be correct. We are obsessed.

I washed it all down with a pressie from the father-in-law, who knows me so well.

Fancy cider . . . woot, woot. Although it isn't as good as the beloved mixed berry flavor.

Time to cuddle up with the heater or the Aussie, whichever is providing more warmth!


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