Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green Overload

Going up to see the in-laws is always a fun experience. The Aussie has the sweetest, best family ever. When we arrived we chatted and then checked out the garden.

Lots of greens springing up! It was very exciting to see how much they had grown.

After the garden tour we headed in the father-in-law's new truck to a lake.

We had to do a bit of scrambling down the rock, which was a bit difficult in my Toms ;) When we got home we tried several types of cider--Cinnamon & Vanilla, Strawberry, and our beloved Mixed Berry. With the cider, we chowed on Turkish bread and dips. Then the Aussie's fabulous mother prepared a delicious veg meal--pumpkin soup, roasted veggies, garlic broccolini, and mashed cauliflower. I had to roll into the living room after to watch AFL (eww!).

Today we chopped some wood and read. All-in-all a lovely weekend. And look what we came home with . . .

Since we got home a bit later than expected we relied on Vegout for dinner.

Panang curry, brown rice, and garlic roti.

Time for shower & book reading (The Girl Who Chased the Moon),


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