Thursday, June 9, 2011

Green Smoothie get in my Beeeeeeeeeelly

It's been a work-filled two days with lots of important things (okay, mainly photocopying . . . hehe). Gym slacking is still going on in our home :( The "system" isn't working too well. We'll see how I go tomorrow. I struck out on Wed, the Aussie failed today, but who knows what tomorrow holds ;)

I didn't blog yesterday nor did I smoothie-it-up, but today I'm doing both.

The Aussie enjoyed his . . .

After brekky I did something very American.

I got a venti (which was much smaller) iced black tea (which they called iced english breakfast), and I have to say I miss American Starbucks :( I didn't take a picture of the drink (bad blogger) but at least I did take a picture of the building ;)

The city was looking lovely today.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and in Australia we celebrate the Queen's bday, so we're off Monday. Woot, Woot! Let's hope tomorrow's work day goes by quick, because the night will be spent with beer and friends :)


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